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Hi! I’m Katie…

If we were connecting in real life, I’d look you square in the eyes and ask how your heart is, because I want to know how you really are, in the moment- beyond the fine’s and good’s. I want to know what lights you up and gives you that spark of joy every day. If that is already making you feel a little uncomfortable, then good. Because I believe in order to make real connection, real impact and real change-we have to get uncomfortable.

If you are still living, leading or building with the goal to serve, impact or create a shift and you are not rocking vulnerability, harnessing courage or centering connection-then I can’t imagine you are getting very far beyond the status quo. Real magic and movement begins once we cultivate the courage to get uncomfortable, be a little messy and break down the shoulds and “this is how it’s always been” mentalities to start coming up with truly innovative possibilities.

Here’s what you need to know about me…

I have an unwavering passion for this work. I prefer deep dives and courageous conversations because whether it’s a personal, business or professional connection-in the end it’s connection and it’s why we are here as humans. That’s why I created The Gatherings and co-founded Her Turn, Co. - a movement that is redefining how womxn connect. I like to learn who you are and why you are here rather than hearing your resume or learning your titles. Brene Brown is my spirit animal and I infuse her teachings and work into how I live and work.

So since we aren’t IRL, this is a little window into who I am and what I am all about. For the more formal stuff, click below to read about my work experience, job history, awards and kudos. That’s all great and what gives me credibility but let’s be real, who I am not what I’ve done is what really matters. I live my values and personal why out loud, I am imperfect and believe in the power of beginning again and I allow my rebel heart to lead me towards courage, connection and compassion. Above all else, I can’t wait to connect with you-say hello, show up to a Gathering or reach out and let’s jump on a call!