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Connection matters when it comes to how you lead, serve and grow your organizations and businesses. It impacts your internal dynamics and culture which drives your overall successes and impact. Connection is central when growing a brand or cause because it builds awareness, community and influence. It can ignite energy to reinvigorate and defuse burn out, compassion fatigue and boredom. Fostering connection to the why, mission and values allows for leaders, teams and stakeholders to inspire action and become a collective force.

As a consultant, I work with non-profits and businesses of all sizes to provide trainings, workshops, retreats, project management, and guidance that is centered on cultivating connection and fueled by creative courage. Connection takes many forms and can be developed personally, collectively or systemically. These services are for those who are willing to lean in, show up and get possible-together.




Being purpose driven is all about living and leading in alignment with your why, mission and values. I work with purpose driven womxn who are seeking more connection: to who they are, what they want and where they wish to forge forward. I support and guide you in extracting the truth and using it to access clarity and courage to reclaim your power away from fear and live and lead on your own terms. Whether you are a leader, coach or a womxn on a mission to live more courageously, I will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

I am an Internationally Certified Coach whose style and practice is all about connection. I help you identify what is creating disconnection in your life (eg: doubt, fear, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of clarity etc.) and guide you in creating a stronger connection to your courage, authenticity and power. My authentic spirit and gift as a connector allows me to hold a unique space for you to be yourself, inspire action and courageously take up space.




This is for womxn who are craving to amplify their impact and become a heart centered coach. Coaches are trained individuals who help people get out of their heads, into their hearts and inspire them into action. Coaches hold space, teach skills and provide tools to support people in achieving goals that align with how they want to show up in the world. If you desire to become a coach but are seeking a unique program that centers on inspiring others to live their best life, then the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is the program that will train and support you in making that happen. Learn about my special affiliate program offer and how we can work together as you start your own coaching business.