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WHAT judgment, bias and stigma are major barriers that disconnect us from understanding the complexities of our humanity-especially when it comes to addiction, mental health, trauma, health and other social concerns.

WHAT NOW each of us holds some level of judgment, bias and stigma related to these complexities that creates a disconnection. This disconnection can lead to fear, shame, misinformation, isolation, not accessing resources and lack of support.

WHAT’S NEXT each of us holds the power to be a reflective example to create and nourish connection to help others better understand these complexities. We can purposefully pivot how we connect and communicate to influence change, build community and shift our culture.

The Connection-Centric Communications Model ™ is a socially conscious, intentionally designed model to promote empathy, connection and representation in the recovery, mental health, trauma and wellness fields. This model offers value-based methods to shift the perspective away from fear and towards the direction of hope, understanding and possibility.

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inspiring a culture of connection

WHY IT EXISTS The Connection-Centric Communications Model ™ was developed by Katie Kurtz after years of working as a licensed social worker in the trauma, mental health and addiction fields. Katie witnessed how agencies and systems continued to unknowingly perpetuate stigma through marketing, communications and education materials. Being on the ground during the opioid crisis, Katie saw the noble attempts of public campaigns to raise awareness and promote support. What struck her most was despite the good intentions behind these efforts, they continued to included language, images, and stories that were upholding the barriers of fear, stigma and shame as well as not fully representing their communities. Katie couldn’t help but notice that organizations were getting in their own way and fueling disconnection between what they do and who they serve.

WHAT IS IT Through her leadership experience as well as her own lived experience with sobriety, Katie developed the Connection-Centric Communications Model ™ to provide a toolkit for how organizations, groups and companies can flip the script and redefine how they communicate. The model has a unified approach to address four main focuses: recovery, mental health, trauma and wellness. These actionable strategies show you how to harness your reflective power to make the connection between how you communicate services and brands and the impact you can have on shifting the paradigm.

WHO IS THIS FOR Katie and her team of trained collaborators offer in person and online talks, trainings and consulting on the Connection-Centric Communications Model ™. This is ideal for anyone in media and marketing agencies, employee assistance and human resources, wellness companies, healthcare systems, government agencies, or community organizations.

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