When my fear gets the best of me, it usually starts with overthinking . Any me too’s?

I’ve found that the best way for me to prevent getting sucked down the overthinking rabbit hole is to speak the fear out loud. Once you say it out loud, you weaken its power. Hearing yourself say it and having someone else hear it can allow you to get real with the fear story that’s repeating in your head.

There’s a reason why we feel a wave of relief when we talk about those thoughts stirring in our heads. Sometimes by just hearing it can help us see how fear has concocted an epic lie in our heads. I have found that when I have one of those stories on repeat, if I say it out loud whether it is to a friend, mentor, coach or to myself, I’m able to lay it all out and really look at it. T

When I ask myself: is this real? The feelings are real for sure but the belief or story? Not so much

You can reclaim your power away from fear by not accepting the fear narrative and rewriting your own. But first you have to speak it, lay it all out, and then decide what you will pick back up in order to create something on your terms, not your fears.

Do you have personal fears getting in the way of your vision?

Do you have team fears holding you back from accomplishing your goals?

Do you have organizational fears that are preventing you from fulfilling your mission?

Katie Kurtz