Confession: I love the hustle.

Truthfully, I have never really loved this word but once I defined it for myself (aka: doing the things that light me up) I just can’t get enough. When I’m able to do what I love I feel like Phoebe from Friends when she is running and looks like a wild kid with no inhibitions

{Creative freedom is my bliss}

It’s me running wild + free, arms flailing, giant leaps, joy bursting, staying in my own lane.

I have found that I’m craving more flow- more alignment. But I’ve had this internal debate because I felt like I almost had to choose or give up the hustle. I started to let fear + outside voices sneak in and derail how I’ve been hustling on my own terms.

Smash the box, strike that all or nothing, some more than the other - I can find the flow in BOTH. I can make it a dance and glide between the two so it feels spatial + connected. Because friends, you know I love a good dance party!

Something to chew on:

How can you create more hustle AND flow in your life, business and vision?

Katie Kurtz