Our why isn’t just one thing. It’s a collective of truths that when extracted and linked together to create a foundation for which we stand tall on.

Our why is what makes us feel alive and aligned with our values and the legacy we wish to create.

Our why is what fuels our fire, cultivates our courage and draws us back when we veer off course.

We all have our own why even if you can name it or not, it’s there. And it’s always transforming, giving us the opportunity to explore and discover new ways to connect with it. It all starts with the willingness to ask yourself why and keep asking until it reveals itself to you

Uncovering the why isn’t to detract you but rather connect you. As a consultant and coach, think of me as your {why finder} -someone who will hold space for you to explore and find your why and help guide you to connect with it deeper so you can live in alignment with it. Getting clear on your why is a practice that can help you press pause and get real with yourself in order to start living a life on your own terms and no one else’s.

What’s your why?

Why do you want what you want?

What is the why behind your brand or cause?

Does everyone on your team, board and community know what the why is?

Taking dedicated time to connect with your why -whether it is your personal, brand or cause’s why is vital for growth, evolution and clarity.

Katie Kurtz