A few years ago, I decided to take imperfect action and begin to get real with my own internal bias, racism and white privilege.

I began to read, take classes and follow leaders of color- people I pay or contribute money to for their work and energy. I started listening with resonance, recognizing my white fragility and having conversations with other white folks about all of this.

It’s extremely uncomfortable but it’s also extremely necessary if I want to be the person I say I am, live in alignment with my values and do the work I do every day.

I’m not woke, I’m not great at this and I’m no where near where I want to be. But I show up, take imperfect action and try my best to get comfortable with the discomfort. It’s pretty uncomfortable for me to even share this here. But in my opinion, that’s the very least I can do compared to the systemic racism and trauma so many of my friends, community members, colleagues and neighbors have and continue to face. 

If there’s one thing I know: we can’t think, pray or call our way out of this. We have to act. Our leaders and politicians may hear us but they aren’t listening and they certainly aren’t acting.

Yes, by all means continue to call and for the love of everything please vote. But we (white folks) must start taking imperfect action to examine our own biases and racism and have real conversations with each other- at home, at work, etc.

Change starts with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Pause before reacting, finish that article rather than saying the news is just too much right now, make eye contact and have uncomfortable conversations with your family and friends, listen to POC, and start taking imperfect action.

I can do hard things and so can you.

Here are a few folks and resources to help you get started:

Me & White Supremacy Book

Andrea Ranae

The Reclaim Podcast by Thais Sky

Rachel Cargle

Unpacking White Privilege & Prejudice

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