A friendly reminder: the research is clear that most people with mental illness are not violent.

Please advise that deflecting the conversation from gun control to mental health is just that- a deflection away from the fact these are acts of white supremacy fueled by our current political rhetoric.

What I will say is that if we are going to talk about mental health, let’s talk about the systematic and historical trauma that is being perpetuated throughout our country due to mass shootings and lack of action. I’m not seeing an increase in funding for mental health, prevention or continuum of care programs to treat trauma in our communities. So let’s stop with the argument that this is about mental health- it’s unfounded and is causing more fear and stigma.

“If we want to address the gun violence that is tearing our country apart, we must keep our focus on finding evidence-based solutions. This includes restricting access to guns for people who are at risk for violence and working with psychologists and other experts to find solutions to the intolerance that is infecting our nation and the public dialogue.”- APA

Katie KurtzComment